Thursday, August 21, 2008

subconciously, i'm brilliant

i discovered a surefire way of getting what you want.
my 3 step program makes it easy.
1) go stand near someone who can get you what you want.
2) loudly proclaim within their hearing exactly what it is that you want, but nonchalantly, though, as if you don't know they're present or that they can get you what you want
3) hold out your hands, as they're soon to be filled with everything your heart desires

i know, i sound exceedingly spoiled. i'm not. i just, wanted this cd the other day. and i told my friends that. in the middle of hmv. and the person who worked there just walked over and gave me that specific cd. for free. and i recall various other instances where this same technique has come in handy, without me meaning to necessarily use it.

now, the question is: is this ethical? and the answer is: if i was sleepwalking and i stole a diamond necklace, is that ethical? and the answer to that is: if you're sleeping, do you even KNOW what you're doing?
no. no you don't.

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Anonymous said...

haha! I love it:) I'm going to HMV tomorrow and trying out your three steps to see if they'll work for me! haha