Monday, August 25, 2008


i saw the most brilliant display of facial hair today. it was absolutely disgusting. it was a moustache...a long moustache...and the man had gel in it...and it stuck out approximately 5 inches on EACH side of his face. like, you could see it from behind, poking out.
and he wasn't even kidding. i think he liked it.
wow, on tv, there is a man in leopard print underwear wrestling an alligator.
who is stupider? the man with the moustache or the man with the alligator? i doubt either has a wife.


Anonymous said...

heehee, i once met a man with an equally incredible moustache. i stayed at his house on tour and was terrified of him showing up outside my window first thing in the morning with that moustache.. (shudder) but he was a lovely man indeed...why so long between posts now my dear?? everyday during my coffee break i quickly log on to see ur new story for the day and all hopes go down the drain when the blog is empty. (single tear) anywho, today's my last day of work so no more coffee breaks! so the point of this post is to encourage you to write more often, time permitting :) ok, this is getting a little long for a "comment" so... ttyl! love u dear!

Anonymous said...

haha Rachie! I remember that wonderful man and his moustache:) It was so wonderful that I just couldn't look away when he was in the room...I'm afraid that he might think I'm some sort of creeper, but what can you do!