Friday, August 8, 2008

fie on football

a woman is buying school supplies at staples. as i ring through her pencil sharpener, she squints at the screen. "how much is that?"
i tell her four bucks.
she glares at me.
"WHAT. four bucks? what does it even DO?"
i have no patience for someone who doesn't know what a pencil sharpener does.
"sharpens pencils."
she has no patience for the stupid cashier who probably personally priced every single item in the store.
"well maybe i'll just get a cheaper one. here. this one. it's 2.50. that sounds like more of a pencil sharpener price now, doesn't it?"
i learned my lesson.
i hereby apologize to the general public for being associated with a place that sells 4 dollar pencil sharpeners. please, if YOU have any issues with the way staples is run, or the price of erasers, or whatever, feel free to come yell at me. all the mature adults are doin it. besides, it's completely all my fault and i can probably fix the problem for you.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that one of the most annoying things in the world? I sometimes get crabby people on the phone like that, or people who aren't good at hiding their annoyance, and I'm just thinking, "I can't fix your problems; stop reeming me out." I'm tempted to say that too sometimes, but I guess I have to be professional.

I love your response to her question, though; pencil sharpeners sharpen pencils. She should know that by now, since she's a grown woman.

Kjersti said...

It's sad, too...probably the majority of people have experienced your type of job in one way or another, but they seem to forget what it's like once they've moved on. I guess all you can do is keep writing funny stories and laughing about it!