Wednesday, June 18, 2008

nuclear power pants

i met an eggplant yesterday. she was a larger lady, in her 50's or 60's. i will do my best to describe her to you: purple fingernails, purple lips, purple eyelids, thick, purple, chunky bracelets on her chubby wrists, a purple blouse under a purple coat, purple pants, a purple purse... she was buying a purple notepad, with a ten dollar bill (which, conveniantly enough for her, just so happens to be purple) she pulled from her purple wallet. this woman was seriously commited to this color. down to the purple stones in every single ring on her hands and the purple earrings in her droopy earlobes. she wasn't a very cheerful eggplant.
then again, NO ONE was cheerful yesterday. the enviromentalists were out in full force, and they were really grumpy. i went to put something into a bag for this one lady and she freaked out.
10 minutes later a man came in and there was a repeat performance. he didn't act as crazy though, just grinned proudly as he said, "no thank you, i'll save a tree."
yeeeeaaahhhhh.... cuz you totally just saved a tree.
in other news, i totally thought i saw siamese twins today on my way to work. turns out, they were just a couple of really old women walking really close to each other, probably to keep from falling over. dang.


shan_2446 said...

oh suzi, you're blog makes my day. you sure do have lots of interesting experiences.

Anonymous said...

Suzy, Suzy, Suzy. Is it any wonder why I love you so much!?