Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i've never really liked cashiers. just cuz they say the stupidest things.
as you're standing at the counter waiting for them to ring up your pop and chocolate bar, "is that everything for you?"
no, no, actually, i have another bag of chips here, in my coat, i was hoping you wouldn't ask that so i wouldn't have to lie to you.
as you hand them your debit card, "debit?"
no, i want to pay for that in cash. i just wanted you to SEE my debit card. to see that i own one. you can hold it if you want, but i am paying in cash.
and there's always the whole awkward exchange of thank yous and your welcomes.
you hand over your chocolate bar to be scanned, she says thanks. you say she's welcome. you give her your debit card, she says thanks. you say she's welcome. she gives you the pin pad, you say thanks, she welcomes you. you give her back the pin pad.. "oh, thanks" "you're welcome". here comes your receipt, "thanks" "welcome". "want a bag for that?" "yes please...thanks." "you're welcome." "k, have a good one." "thanks, you too." "thanks..."
so now that i'm a cashier, i commit each of these crimes, and a host of others, daily. nay, hourly. maybe minute-ly.
i despise myself.

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