Monday, June 23, 2008

boyfriends and birthdays

let us consider the phenomenon that is facebook for a moment, shall we? i'm exploring it right now...and thanks to facebook, i now know that jeremy went golfing this weekend (and had a WONDERFUL time), rachel is not going to enjoy bathing in this stench, and chelsa is single.
that is something i don't quite understand: putting your relationship status on facebook. i had a friend who was dating some girl, and one week, my updates wall told me this: monday- charles is so looking forward to this weekend! i get to see my girl!!! tuesday- charles only has 3 more sleeps till agnes! wednesday- charles is getting SO excited to see her! thursday- charles TOMORROW!!!! friday - charles is now listed as single.
names changed to protect poor little jared. i mean charles. and agnes. we'll protect her too.
then there's the birthday thing. last january, i changed my birthday from june 20th to january 20th. and the whole world was calling me and writing me and wishing me a happy birthday, and some friends even bought me an ice cream cake. at which point i felt like a decietful jerk, but didn't really regret it; free ice cream cake is a treasure.

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Crystal said...

haha! Now you're old and gray just like me! OLD PEOPLE UNITE! and I'm pretty sure that i forgot your birthday like the terrible friend that i am so here is my deepest apology and a HUGE belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!