Tuesday, April 22, 2008

on this graveyard day

today was bea-yootiful. it was cold and snowy, and the wind was blowing way too hard and the sun literally didn't show its stupid face once, and i hate days like that. so by beautiful, i mean aesthetically pleasing. obviously. though i didn't like to be outside, it was so pretty to look at from inside my warm car. we drove past a graveyard and it was so dark and snowy and this huge flock of birds flew up and i had one of those kodak moments where i wished i had a camera. so i could've taken one of those nature pictures that i'd delete later to make more room on my memory card for a candid shot of me and my roommate killing the monster of a centipede in the middle of the kitchen floor. yes, we have centipedes in the kitchen. want to come over for supper?

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