Wednesday, April 23, 2008

america's next top model...

...gets to be on my list. which reads as follows:
10. america's next top model
9. big & rich, shania twain, celine dion, nickleback, creed, theory of a deadman, etc etc etc
8. when people spell things that should be spelled with a "c" with a "k" instead. [ex. krazy korner]
7. runny noses
6. oprah
5. a spider in my bath tub
4. a centipede in my kitchen
3. the debit machine not working when i need to pay for gas
2. people telling me i look like i'm 14
1. cold

i'm not going to say what kind of list this is so as not to insult anyone. but i will contest that i really really HATED having a centipede in my kitchen.

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