Tuesday, February 15, 2011

on my way back home

okay, i think i'm back.
am i back? 
is this thing on? 
check, check. hello?

it's been a movie week. 
on my way back home on sunday, the song by that name came on and i felt like credits were rolling and the movie was over and everything that had happened over the course of the last few days hadn't really happened in real life.

it was the same feeling as i had after watching that foreign film at the library last year: though i didn't really understand everything that had gone on, it was beautiful and heartbreaking and real but in a somewhere else sort of way.

but then i parked in my driveway and turned the car off and the movie was still playing, even after the credits stopped rolling. 
and i guess that those weren't the credits, it was just another scene. 

i've always loved moments like that, where everything settles like dirt after a windstorm, even if it's not a perfect or necessarily happy ending. because you probably learned something, even if all you learned is that life is hard sometimes. 

and then you get up and keep going. 

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