Thursday, February 17, 2011

oh! good.

i forgot about the library.
i thought about it, but i forgot about it just as quick.

yesterday, i remembered.

i was having an overly sick day, but the couch got hard after about an hour and megavideo timed me out so i couldn't finish the episode of project runway that i was watching and the temperature sheepishly peeked its sorry head just above freezing {it's not supposed to last long, but it's here and that's enough} and i thought, "it's nice outside; i should go visit my friend at the flower shop."

because, in case you didn't know, my friend works at a flower shop. 
in case you didn't know that.

i made it a quarter of the way to the flower shop when i discovered a thing: i wasn't probably going to make it. 
so i thought, "i can't just give up, but maybe i'll go visit my friend at the paper shop instead."

because, in case you didn't know, there is a lovely lady who works at the paper shop and she always remembers who i am and acts like she's happier to see me than anybody else. even though i know she's probably just like that to everyone all the time. 

i still feel special.

i made it almost half of the way from where i was to where the paper shop was, which from my house is about half of the way to the flower shop, when i found something out: i wasn't probably going to make it. 

so i thought, "maybe i'll just go home."

but then i looked up and saw the library.

so i thought, "oh! good."

the library is magic, in the loosest sense of the word, because you can go inside for free and then you can have anything you find there for free. 
{but not the computers, you can't have those, though.}

i always sit on the floor in front of the cds and feel like a crazy person.
i feel like i need to take the whole cabinet home with me. 
i sit on my gloves and lean against my backpack like it's a turtle shell, and i flip through the cases and i grin like a fantastic idiot. 

i can pick a cd based on cover art, based on a feeling or a foggy memory of someone saying it was a good one, based on one song i heard once at a friend's house or at a show. 

you just can't do that when money's involved.

but the point is not that.
the point is that i found a completely fantastic mittenfull of stuff--some cds i hadn't heard in years, some i'd been contemplating buying, some i'd never heard before. 

and i left with all my money. 
all of it. 
not one cent less.

i quickly made the trek home, deciding which cd i would listen to first and taking pictures with my cell phone while pretending to talk on it {because there was a lot of traffic and i didn't want anyone to think i was taking pictures of them}.

it was a neon day.

so far, i've listened to keane's under the iron sea four times and wintersleep's welcome to the night sky twice.

have you been to the library lately?

PS: if you could go HERE and click the vote for this idea button, i'd just think you were the best person on the internet. 

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