Monday, February 21, 2011

fizzy blood

on saturday, barclay and tim and karz and i drove to manitoba to see a group of friends that we hadn't been with in a while.

i'll be up front with you right now and admit that, yes, we did blast 'since u been gone' and sing along to it at the top of our tortured lungs even though it was vastly out of our range of singing capabilities. we couldn't help ourselves and though that may be a weakness on our part, we like it better that way.

but the point is not that, the point is the people that we traveled with and the ones we traveled to.

i can't even describe to you this group of people or how they make me feel, so i won't. this degree of friendship is one of those things that i don't have enough good words for. if i said i loved them, you'd think i loved them, but it's better than that.  

i will say, though, that today my blood is flowing fizzy and bright through my veins twice as fast as usual, and i love the feeling.

i love and am loved and that is probably the best way a girl could be.

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