Friday, January 28, 2011


i am in a pickle. 
i know a lot of you know how to make beautiful jewelry, and i don't. but i need to by the end of february. i need to make a thing, and i need for it to be easy to teach someone else to make, and take about an hour to make. and i need it to be nice. and i need it to be something that a 19 year old girl would like just as much as a 60 year old girl. 
i'm wearing my pleading eyes. 
email me at if you can help me, or if you want to tell me a joke or say hi. i would just be so ecstatic.  


Jessica Lynn said...

Psh, I wish I knew how to make beautiful jewelry. But thanks for the font tip! I picked the same one you have, sorry I'm really not like trying to copy you! Haha...I just think it looked good and went with the blog title :P

I'm so mad you can't see my posts (Not at you of course!)! Maybe like hit my follow button again? You're already following but maybe that will reset it?

Raya said...

cute blog:))

Raya said...

cute blog:))

suzy said...

jessica: i'll try. maybe it will correct itself?
and don't worry, you're not copying me just by having the same font! hahaha, i don't have a copyright on it. :)

raya: thanks so much! :)