Wednesday, December 15, 2010

river thoughts

i'm thinking, mostly because there is not anything else to do right now.
sometimes, this thinking leads to a mind-blowing epiphany, or some deep introspection resulting in a desire to see change or growth in myself. sometimes the thinking is scattered and stupid.
today the thinking is like that.
today, the thoughts trickled down my brain in subject rivers of all kinds - love, food, what kind of glasses i would pick if my eyesight went funny - and kind of pooled in a crook by my ear where they started to smell the way that still water does right before it starts growing bacterial things.
how annoying.
i wanted to think about something new, but i couldn't think of anything new, so i thought about typing instead.

i was thinking about the introduction of msn into my world, and the grammatical trainwreck that ensued.
how i would go to school and learn all the rules of capitalization, punctuation and spelling, and then go to home and unlearn them in a desperate attempt to appear msn-savvy.
suzy says: howz yur day goin? :)
i want it that way says: good. i lov u.
suzy says: aw lolzorz i lov u 2.

there were all these transitionary stages where it was cool to misspell words, and then it was cool to not use caps, and then abbrevs were alllllllll the rage and then punctuation was lame and then somebody [a doofus] began to use all caps and too many exclamation marks all the time.

i've gotten much better at spelling and punctuation, but am admittadly a goner when it comes to capitalization. i wonder sometimes if that bothers people and maybe that's why i lost 4 followers this week. if so, here are some capitals to tide you over til you find a blog with a better author:



Chess said...

Hahaha, I love your non-capitalization, and you're a fantastic author. And I lost a couple of followers too (can't help it that they are much less stressed than I am). Too bad they left before I could tell them that I plan to embark on a quest to regain the funny in my life! :)

Keep scribbling! I'll keep reading!

Jillian said...

haha, I gained a follower and then lost a different one this week too. oh well. I'm bad at capitalization as well. maybe that's it?

Sydney said...

dear suzy, i don't think i will ever find a blog that i enjoy reading more than yours. that's all, l8terz.

connally said...

capital 'i's look like lowercase 'l's sometimes. or ones.
and capital 'd's look obese.

hi, my name is connally and i dislike capitals too:)

amylou said...

not sure why anyone would unfollow you, but I'm still here!

abbreviations and all caps are so uncool!

Carla said...

Keep it realz (I used a z) sister!
The reason why I keep coming back is because of your unique view of the world. It takes me away from my own redundant thoughts...
and I don't even know you
but I kinda do in that I know I'd probably befriend you in the non-bloggy world.
So loyalty
and the right
is best

Zack said...

Personally, I prefer to follow the grammar rules because they are there for the purpose of making communication as accurate as possible. The no-caps are the least of the grammatical errors that would bother me (not enough to worry about it; after all, you still capitalize the name of Christ ;). Those that really bother me are no punctuation (a single sentence can be translated a hundred different ways) and sentences like "r u thr" because they just show how lazy people have become nowadays. After all, I can text "Are you there?" faster than most can text it in shorthand.

Just my two-cents.

Carmen said...

I am the grammar snob about whom your mother warned you... and I don't even think about your lower-case usage.

And don't fret-- your worth isn't determined by the number of followers you have. Maybe their quality, but not the number. :)

Steven Cain said...

Suzy, I'd follow you even if you stopped writing all together and only drew pictures, because you are just that good an author.

Anonymous said...

I still like abbreviations. Really like um. Use um all the time in fact.
Thing is, I also talk in abbrevs. so I think its okay.

Alpha Monkey said...

I am now officially on your "follow" list. Which is better than the "fallow" list like my frozen fingers were trying to type.

Also, if I lost 4 followers, that would leave only you...
but I think I'd be ok with that :)

Monica @ Boho Mystic said...

hi, stumbled in.

i don't use caps on one of my blogs and do wonder how many people i annoy... but you gotta go with your own flow, right?

enjoyed your paper rant too! very funny.

Cara said...

Seeeeeeeeeeriously Suzy, there really aren't many blogs better than this one right here.

Merry Christmas, sister!

bebe bird beck said...

I'm the worst with grammar! I try hard, but sometimes I just don't care and leave all my splices,run-on's, and made up words all over the place.
Youre wonderful!

suzy said...

carla: oui. i wish the non-bloggy world wasn't so big and scary...there're so many crazy interesting people out there that i think i could be very good friends with.

amylou: i am glad. :D

connally: hahahaha, there is rhyme and reason behind your dislike! i'm just lazy.

sydney: thnx, u rock. {lol} [haha]

jillian: maybe the Christmas season is making people reevaluate the type of blog material they want to read? but it's probably the capitals.

chess: well thanks. i'll keep reading yours too. :)

zack: oh good. :) i try to make my sentences make sense, as much as possible. caps don't seem to affect that. phew.

carmen: phew again! i like grammar snobs. they're a certain kind of person, and i usually get along well with them. and it's true about the followers thing. i just get worried i offended someone. i an offensive person?

karlekgirl: haha, well i like um too, in some instances. my friend hannah is queen of the abbrevs. you should read her blog. []

steven: hahaha thanks i think?

monica: thanks! and absolutely yes, i could never change my writing habits. blogging would take hours instead of minutes, and then i'd get bored of it and quit!.

cara: you're sweet. :D merry Christmas to you too!

bebe bird beck: thanks. :D and trust me, you're not the worst with grammar. i've read the blogs of the worst...and you're not even close. :)

alpha monkey: YAY! haha, and just as you followed me, someone else unfollowed me. it's the circle of life, right here on my blog!