Sunday, December 19, 2010

i want a chicken for Christmas

and now please click on this, a button i made.
it will take you somewhere else, where you will learn something about something i've been thinking about. maybe you will feel uncomfortable, or maybe you will like it. you might even not care.
{i'm being very vague. i'm aware.}
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then, if you like the thing that you read about and would like to think about it some more, or would like to help someone else to think about it too, you could post this button on your blog. think of it! thousands of kids could get vaccines, or surgeries, or soccer balls! hoh!
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wichser studio said...

holy crappers i love it! thanks for sharing :D i will be posting on my blog soon as well as donating. loved your cartoons and entry on your friends blog!

Jen G-son said...

great blog!!! Maybe I'm blind, but where is the link for the website?

emily said...

your blog is amazing! it cracks me up (the post below about paper rant). i confess to do the same thing sometimes. :)
have a great xmas.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Gah! I need to make a button!

Anonymous said...

so, i decided to click on that button twice, once before i read this post, then again when i saw it led me to this post, and then when i got to the page about the cow, chicken, computer. i'm glad i clicked!

it is awesome. seriously, it made me feel really happy. so thank you!

suzy said...

wichser studio: thanks so much. :D

jen g-son: :D it's on becca's website in the original post. but here it is too:

emily: aw thanks! :)

chelsa: you absolutely do. and when that happens, let me know and i'll stick it on my page! :) well thank YOU! :)

hope you all had a verry merry Christmas!!!