Monday, December 27, 2010

how to get to a certain place from here

go down that street

take a left

shoulder check

{see, you almost hit that semi truck}

on, past the trees

past the starbucks

past the shopping cart

come to a complete stop

you're almost there 

now you're where i am
and we're going to have such a nice time


Jess said...

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Anonymous said...

You know that sensation when your eyes are closed, and you dream away? This post has given me a similar sensation. Simply beautiful.


suzy said...

thanks jess--i'll check out your blog. :)

suzy said...

tywo: aw thanks! that was kind of the mood i was in yesterday when editing photos... :)

JTay said...

This is pretty. And sweet. :)

wichser studio said...

really like your blog style so much...and your paper rants. i just read the one about the grinning lady using the word epic. oh it made my day because i feel the same way about that up and coming word. hahah!

amylou said...

Love this!!

elysecanfield said...

LOVE these, suzy k!! are you shooting with a holga? these photos are absolutely beautiful ^^

suzy said...

justine: thanks. :D

wichser studio: thank you! i'm really enjoying your blog too. :)

amylou: :)

elyse: oh i WISH. nope. just shooting with my cell phone camera and adjusting lighting, saturation, exposure, etc. someday, i will have a holga.