Friday, September 3, 2010

i need a good idea.

tell me a good idea?
i won't box you in, or give you any sort of confines.
it can be a good idea for right now or one for next year, or tomorrow.
it can be a good idea of something to do or something to see or something to read or watch or listen to.
it can be a good idea for work or for home or for my weekend...
something to do with my friends? something to do with barclay?
a nice thing i can do for someone else? something i should look up? a place i should visit? a food i should taste?
a new workout? a good blog? something i can make?

now how about this:
i have a good idea. but i used it already. yesterday. i'll share it with you, if you promise to share one with me in return?
maybe you could post your good idea on your page, and then ask YOUR friends for THEIR good ideas.

my good idea for YOU:
go read the book The Mind Tree by Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay. i found it at chapters on sale for 5 bucks. best impulse buy EVER.
why this is a good idea: i can't even explain to you how good this book is. the man who wrote it [years ago at ages 8 & 11] is severely autistic and non-verbal, but he. writes. BEAUTIFULLY. he tells his own story starting as early as he can remember, from finding out that he was autistic, to his mother teaching him to read and write, to trying to find a school that would accept him, to writing his first love poem.
i'm a sucker for a string of nice words, and this book has intricate spiderwebs of them.
getitreadit. getitreaditnow.

your turn!


Susie said...

Greater than good idea:

Get together a group of friends. Make sure they're really cool friends. Then go to a thrift store and buy a couple of clothing items that make you look like the tackiest of tacky grandmas. Then go to the nearest bingo hall and play a few rounds.

I discovered this good/best idea last year. You won't regret it.

April said...

Good idea:
Make dinner for your closest friends. Make something yummy, and fresh, and potentially fancy. Be creative. Send written invitations. Tell them to dress up, and eat by candlelight. And have good wine with your dinner. I love doing this :)

shari @ little blue deer said...

Very cool! I am reading "Into the Canyon" by Elizabeth Hyde, highly recommend it! Reading is always a good idea! XX!

kelly ann said...

i have to read this book. thanks for recommending it, dear. :) my brother is autistic, and i love reading about other people w/ autism who have fought through it and have done some inspiring because of it. can't wait to read this!!

Chantelle said...

my comment didn't make the cut? is it because I put a link in it? :(

JTay said...

Hey, Chantelle! Just noticed the comment you're talking about is actually in the post before this one. You were not cut. :)

Jen Glen said...

Would love to read it. Can I borrow yours?

couchbarnacle said...

Good idea: Go to the grocery store and buy Edy's Slow-Churned Mint Cookie Crunch Ice Cream. Go home and pop in a movie (preferably something like Young Frankenstein or Yellowbeard). Eat ice cream right out of the container and watch movie at the same time. Preferably this all should be accomplished when calling in sick from work for no other reason than you are sick and tired of work.

suzy said...

mm. good ideas all around. jen: you absolutely CAN borrow it after jewelia! i'm mailing it to her this week. if you can't wait that long [which you absolutely shouldn't], you could try the library?
chantelle--your idea was good! you just left it in a different spot is all. :)
couchbarnacle, susie, april: what if i did all of those things on the same day? yeah. DOUBLE good idea.