Saturday, July 3, 2010

small town paparazzi

i have absolutely nothing to say today. 
oh, but you'll be happy to know that i'm a little bit creepier these days, and have promoted myself from taking pictures of other peoples' houses to taking pictures of other peoples' clothes, while they're wearing them. 
but only from a distance, and only when they're not looking.

oh, i only did it once; 
lighten up.


Anonymous said...

Ooo...I like this creepy picture :) Very nice!

Cara said...

I... have actually done this also... more than once... when I was in Los Angeles. literally, they are actually on facebook. you're a doll.
and i'm lighter after lightening up after reading this post. thank you. hehe!!! xoxox

Alyssa said...

there is absolutely nothing wrong with stalker photos! they would be flattered if they knew! i think... or hope... well they should be!

i just read your thing above about comments and feel like i should be writing a poem.. hmmm...

i left you a comment
i dont live in a convent
{nothing rhymes with comment!}

i hope it makes your day
if it doesnt ill scream NO WAY

ok thats enough
its getting kinda tough


Sydney said...

can i back up for a minute and ask: did you post a friday list this week?

Chess said...

Love that he's wearing yellow. Makes me happy. :-)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh I love this,great pic!

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

ahaha this is great. i have always wanted to do this, and have a blog like The Satorialist...but hae always been too chicken. great picture!


suzy said...

sydney: oops. no, i never. rats. i've been being a terrible blogger this week.

cara: you should post them on your blog. we could make a club out of it. as a club, it's not so creepy, right?

crystal: do you want to be in our club? you're kind of creepy. you'll fit right in. :) i miss you.

krysten: thaaaank you. :D

sweatshirtdresshirt: hi! :) and thanks.
AND: who is the satorialist?

Gabbi said...

I admire your mad pap skills! So many times you see interesting people on the street and you just wanna pop the camera out and capture them, or a cool house... but for some reason it feels wrong to photograph a private residence doesn't it? I admire your new direction. Will try to follow!

suzy said...

haha, gabbi: as long as there's no one peekin out the windows, you're good to go. :)