Wednesday, June 16, 2010

lol and blog and sitting on a bench

i didn't web log yesterday.
[on an only slightly related note, i've decided to not use the term "blog" anymore because, even though it's a completely different principle altogether, it vaguely reminds me of "lol". laugh out loud? did you really? i've had one too many text message conversations with someone who's like, "lol hi! i'm home and i'm eating ichiban noodles loooool!" and i'm like, "i fell down the stairs today and have to eat through a straw for a year." and they're like, "lol that sucks lol!" i just personally feel that "lol" is not a valid punctuation mark. anyway. this is a tangent. the point is definitely not this.]
the point is that i didn't write on this, my web log, yesterday.
i went and sat on a bench instead.
the original intent was to go for a walk, but then my insides went on one of those now-familiar revolts and i had to sit on a bench.
it's alright, sitting on a bench is.
for about the first five minutes, i felt like i was waiting for someone. and then i had this unsettled feeling that people were looking at me with strange, sympathetic stares. like i got stood up or like i had no friends to sit on a bench with.
[i have friends to sit on a bench with. let me tell you.]
i sat there for an hour, and then i went home.
that's all.


Chess said...

I love sitting on benches.

And I hate lol. Give me a haha or a hehe at the very least. At least there's a little onomatopoeia going on. :-)

AmberDenae said...

i feel the same way about "lol". it irks me to no end.

sometimes sitting and doing nothing is very therapeutic. am i right? or am i right?


Anonymous said...

Even worse than someone texting lol is when they use it in everyday conversation! Ex. "hey friend! how's it going?" "lol. I'm great!" Really?!?!? did you really just laugh out loud??? Cause I'm standing right beside you and I didn't hear a thing! Anywho...I'm with you on this one :)

an9e1a said...

ohmygosh... I've literally been lol-ing your ear off! :D

kelly ann said...

i. hate. lol. so. dang. MUCH. baaaah! i don't know why but it literally drives me up a wall. i never ever use that term, i forbid it from ever finding a place in my vocabulary. ;) it's just annoying. i'm glad you feel the same way.

Briana said...

I just found your blog today and spent a good half hour scrolling through and reading it. Go me for being a lurk.

Uhm. I'm kind of in love with the way you type... just throwing that out there. Your life seems SO INTERESTING. Even if you're just sitting on a bench in solitude.

You must be a very funny person in real life. Your blog shows it.

Okay. I'm done obsessing over you publicly. I'll just do it silently now whenever you post something new. Because I'm followiing. For sure. Mhmm

Jen Glen said...

I am definitely worried about you and your health troubles. I totally would have sat on the bench with you. Was it at least somewhere that you could do some good people watching?

suzy said...

jen: don't be worried. i'm not. :) [God is very smart.]