Friday, June 11, 2010

friday list what?

1. boy howdy, friday again.
2. last night, kiersten and i walked around right before the sun went down and looked at houses.
3. admission: we looked in the houses too. at about 9 at night, you can't really help it, and it's the home-owners' faults for leaving their blinds wide open, and it's a step up from reading house and home magazines. but i draw the line at taking pictures of the outside of strangers' homes. i promise.
4. i won a pair of bright red sunglasses on wednesday morning. you have never seen such a happy little camper as i was that day. i had joy seeping out of every pore. i got joy zits.
5. someday, i might write a book called joy zits. it'd be, in general, pretty optimistic and cheery. would you read it? consider this an official potential prospective book audience poll.
6. i'm just too tired to think of a number 6. onward.
7. last night, barclay and i thought of a magical new music game. i'll teach it to you tomorrow maybe. music games are the best kind of games, i think.
8. once i had this great farm cat and his name was blackie. blackie had three kittens, so i guess he was a girl. i named them tiger, smokey, and blackie. two of them died, but tiger didn't. tiger had three kittens, and i named them snowflake, smokey, and blackie. smokey and blackie died, but snowflake survived and gave birth to three kittens. i named them smokey, tiger, and blackie. they all died, and then this orange cat started hanging around. i named it tiger, and it had three kittens.
9. speaking of pets, i also had baby chicks, but never named any of them. kaiden had an earthworm that he named goldilocks and a fly named cupcake.


Steven Cain said...

Can I order a copy of 'Joy Zits' in advance?...Illustrated please, hardbound and signed...if that's not asking too much.

Oh gawd, I so thought 8 was going to be one of those math story problems, and I was trying to keep track of all of your cats...I hate math story problems.

Steven Cain said... the new comment disclaimer.

kelly ann said...

if you wrote a book, i would most definitely read it. you bet. ;)

Chess said...

I would so read a book called Joy Zits, because perhaps it would explain what the heck the bumps on my chin are. Ugh. Did you know, when I was little, we had two cats named Blackie and Smokey too!!! Wow. I wish I had a kitten. :-)

Cara said...

I would read Joy Zits. And get joy zits. And name them. Blackie would be a name I would choose often because most zits have black on them. Yuck. I love your cat story.

And that Kaiden named the earthworm Goldilocks. Definitely.

AmberDenae said...

I will definitely read your book. Can I pre order mine, please? Thanks. I now want a fly named cupcake. That is much too awesome. Have a great weekend! :)

an9e1a said...

I'll definitely read your book! And not just because the title's way awesome, but because I bet it really would be cheery and I like cheery. And I need more of it.

Someday, I'm really gonna get that picture of the radio to you. I just have to find the perfect one for smashin. :)

danny.elle. said...

numero 12 was ma favorite. woah. I just typed that. and then read what I'd typed, and thought "wow Danielle... you really are tired. there's only 1-10, and 12 comes 2 after 10, so that cant be your favorite...." and then I thought I should erase it and start again, but the I thought, "nah". but actually, number 8 was my favorite. I laughed. out loud. alone. like a fool. it was nice.