Friday, April 23, 2010

friday list trois

my friday lists are not really of anything at all. a thing i know, my favorite color, stuff about people. those kinds of lists are the funnest to write, i think.

1. grapes taste better if you peel the skin off first.
2. every thursday, a little girl named georgia comes to visit me and gives me a little paper heart that she's colored with pink and green highlighters. as of yesterday, there are fifteen neon paper hearts tacked to my bulletin board.
3. i'm wearing purple tights. and some other stuff.
4. i have been sick now for three weeks and am starting to question if i am ever going to get better. i might not. but i might get used to being so sick and 'sick' will be my new 'well'. and people will talk behind my back about how i sniffle and cough too much.
5. when i was little i wanted to be a librarian because i thought a librarian's whole job was to sit in the library and read the books so she would know which ones to recommend to people if they asked.
6. have you ever heard of Foreign Accent Syndrome? google it. the human brain is absolutely fascinating.
7. the truman show. sometimes, i'm afraid that i'm truman. you'd tell me if i was truman, right?
8. spring is here! it's supposed to rain today. thunderstorms are better than caramilk bars.
9. i've been watching a lot of andy griffith lately. it's my favorite right now. if i could go home and watch andy griffith today during the thunderstorm, i'd be t-h-r-i-l-l-e-d. 
10. but seriously. you'd tell me if i was truman, right?


Anonymous said...

Umm, Suzy...there's something I need to tell you! haha...JK! Don't're not on the truman show!

Chess said...

I feel like I'm Truman sometimes too!

suzy said...

oh crystal. heart attack.
but seriously. i can't look into a mirror without wondering if there's an audience behind it. sometimes i avoid it entirely, sometimes i strike a pose.

Jen Glen said...

You're least you should be. I'd be addicted, just saying.