Monday, April 26, 2010

the artists in the ambulance

i made a lot of new friends today when i fainted in the mall.
a security guard, 2 policemen, 3 paramedics, a doctor, a cardiologist, 3 x-ray techs, a few nurses who kept asking me stupid questions like, "where does the pain rate on a scale of 1 to 10?", and a gang of "nice" ladies who gouged my flesh with needles.
i'm being completely serious when i say it was actually a fun day.
i got to ride a stretcher through sears, go in an ambulance for the very first time, meet some really sweet people, and just hang out with my husband [whom i have been married to for exactly seven months today] for several hours in between tests. we played traveling games, even though we weren't going anywhere.
lauren was a rockstar - she caught me when i passed out at the booster juice counter, got someone to call 911, called barclay, and hung onto my booster juice smoothie until i was conscious enough to drink it.
and barclay took the day off work to play traveling games in the hospital all day. so i kind of think he's absolutely the best ever also.
so i suppose the long and short of it is: i feel like crap, but look how happy i am!
happy as a clam in a hospital gown.
[those things are drafty and stupid.]
[also, later on in life, i will tell you about my roommate.]
i go back tomorrow for more. "yee," and also, "haw".


Mich said...

sounds like an episode of house!!
but seriously - i hope you're ok!!

Chess said...

I'm glad you're okay, and that you didn't miss out on your smoothie. That would've meant true tragedy!

Lauren said...

<3 I love you and I'm just glad you're ohk my ray of sunshine!

Marcie said...

Oh my dear Elena! That's a beautiful smile from your hospital bed, but I can still be concerned! Keep us "posted" , whatever you need, give us a shout

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, hope everything is ok! I'm glad you had some good company, at least!

suzy said...

thanks guys. :)
i suppose we shall see how it all turns out. the next few months will be all full of tests and things. i'm leaving all that in God's hands.
but for now, against my better judgement, i'm going for a walk!

Becky M said...

Oh dear. I hope nothing is seriously wrong. It's great that you're okay for now.

Carmie said...

as pretty much a nurse, i have to stick up for my profession. we HAVE to ask how bad the pain is from 1 to 10, cuz if i just write down that it was 'bad', and later it's still 'bad', i don't really know if meds are working. it's very much not a stupid question. also, we gotta check your blood for weird stuff. sorry. gotta do it. but i am glad you got traveling games and drink your smoothie. that would have been a waste. anyway, you are super and going to be ok (i've decided), and nurses are incredibly awesome. the end.

suzy said...

carmie: don't get me wrong. i loved my nurses, and am not mad at them for any of it. i promise.