Friday, March 19, 2010

would you like some cheese to go with that whine?

i'm having somewhat of an online identity crisis, mixed with writer's block.
this is bad news bears for my blog, i think.
it's not that i have nothing to write about, it's just that yesterday i stumbled across this website where you can read through hundreds of  descriptions of other peoples' blogs and they were all so funny and intelligent and aesthetically nice and get upwards of 150,000 hits per day... and i suddenly felt like the hunchback of notre dame at a beauty pagent, with my silly little stories and eighty-seven hits per day and improper use [or, non-use, really] of capitalization.
nevertheless, i ditched that site and came back here to write about how on tuesday me & becky followed a strange man around downtown because for some reason or another he insisted that he knew where we were going and we didn't (which turned out to be true). and i wrote. erased. wrote. deleted. wrote. published. scrapped it.
maybe it's just that my toes are starting to regain feeling in their crushed nerve endings, and the pain is acting as a brick wall between my brain and my fingers. it could very well be that the dishes piling up the sink are distracting me, and as soon as i take care of them i'll be back.
but it actually probably has more to do with the fact that my friend, lois, died this week [i don't like the term "passed away" because it sounds like sugarcoating; she's dead, and that's that, really], and even though i knew it was coming and all that, it still is sad to think about and doesn't really lend itself to writing well about something else, something not related to lois dying.
so anyways, i'll probably write again this weekend, but for today all i'm going to do is whine and make empty threats to barclay about deleting this thing altogether.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry Suzy.

Mich said...

:( so sorry about lois.

also - :( don't play the comparison game. its just no fun for anyone. Remember why you write your blog and do it for that reason alone. you don't need 187 000000 hits to make one person's day.

Anonymous said...

i actually love your own posting choice, very exciting.
don't give up and also keep creating seeing that it just well worth to follow it.
impatient to look into far more of your content, have a pleasant day ;)

Jen Glen said...

What in the world did anonymous just say??? Thought of you when Craig told me about Lois. Looking forward to connecting with you again this coming week.

elena (a.k.a. suzy) said...

mich. you are absolutely right. i just needed to have a little mid-blog crisis. i'm better now. :)

SUNJAY said...

errr well a million hits or certainly have a way with them words!! Hit to tell ya that...but this is from someone who has exactly 27 hits to his page and secret...its my homepage i clicked the durn thing 27 times....