Wednesday, December 16, 2009

in the event that your first impression really is everything i may have to retire from meeting people as i'm getting exceedingly more bad at it part 2

i imagine it was an odd moment for him.
he was your average thirty-something year old hulk of a man, dressed up all tough-looking in his leather jacket, boots, and harley davidson toque, just glaring at everyone. he was taking a walk [down to the 7/11 on the corner of pasqua and 13th to get himself beef jerky, i bet]. suddenly, the front door of the house he was passing flew open. a wide-eyed blonde woman came running towards him, full speed. "I LOVE YOU!!!!" she screamed.
he stopped.
he looked at her. she looked at him.
they both suffered at the hands of a painfully awkward moment before she veered away from him, jumped into a little purple car, and sped away.
he breathed a sigh of relief and continued on towards the 7/11, a little bit faster now.

every morning, i'm running late.
i never learn. i watch youtube instead of getting dressed; i crawl back into bed instead of brushing my teeth. eventually, i'm scrambling to shove shoes on my feet, jamming in a stick of gum to cover up my Death Breath, and dashing down the stairs to my car screaming, "I LOVE YOU!" to my husband who's inside the front door cleaning up after his tornado wife and probably can't hear me anyways.
oh, but you know who can hear me?
whoever happens to be passing by on the sidewalk in front of our house just then.
yesterday it was a thirty-something year old hulk of a man with a leather jacket, boots, and harley davidson toque.
i imagine it was an odd moment for him.


Jen Glen said...

That's awesome. I so wish I had witnessed that.

SJ said...

Epic. Epic. Epic.