Saturday, November 14, 2009

mr & mrs krause go out on the town

my husband likes to take me on a very very expensive date at least once a week. it's called grocery shopping and i like it even better than going to a movie or for coffee.
we spend countless minutes in the cereal aisle, comparing prices and nutritional information, kelloggs and post, nesquick and reese puffs. we pause in the refrigerated section, so i can pick from all the tantalizing flavors of creamers to make drinking coffee bearable (yesterday i discovered white chocolate macadamia nut creamer. one word, two syllables: WOO-OOOW). we stand in front of the ice cream freezers for a while, pick up a few things, put them all back because i know if we buy them, i'll eat them all by tomorrow without a second thought. 
by the time we get to the produce aisle, we're enjoying ourselves thoroughly; laughing about funny people we encounter, discussing music, picking through pomegranates and pineapples and zucchini. 
and the whole time i'm thinking about photography and how a good photographer can take a picture of anything, a park bench, a bicycle, a jar of pennies, and make it look special.
and how if you look at the whole of life like that, "mundane" things, grocery shopping, yard work, peeling carrots, can be special too. 

oh, ps, mom, gramma, auntie elaine: i didn't actually dye my hair black. it was a wig.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad, Sweetie. There is NO WAY you can improve on your naturally beautiful hair!