Tuesday, November 24, 2009

memo for showgoers

why do we call them mosh pits still?
answer: because of the college freshmen who didn't get the memo that the cool kids don't jump around at shows anymore; they don't windmill kick, they don't body slam, they cross their arms, they look at the band in deep concentration, they appreciate the music. they may let out a yelp of excitement, or move along to the music a little, to show their appreciation. but they do not annihilate the rest of the audience in doing so.
so this is me, memo-ing you all. you are now in the know. you are now without excuse.
i went to a show the other night.
i think i've seen this band like 7 or 8 times, but i just keep on going back for more. [[i think bands like this one should have punch cards like the ones you can get at tcby or cd plus [where, when you buy an item, you get a hole punched in your card and when you've bought 6 or whatever, you get something for free]. i'd get free concerts all over the place.]]
the point is not that.
the point is that there was this girl, dressed in her brand new band tee shirt she'd just picked up right before the show, flailing her limbs and swinging her head around like a lethal bowling ball. the point is that there was this guy in skinny jeans and a deep vee tee shirt, swaying wildly to the music, knocking down a row of people on either side of him with each drastic dip of his body. the point is that i stood behind a young oblivious blonde chick who was constantly trying to feed her bushy blonde ponytail to me, and couple of college kids who pumped their arms in the air and jumped up and down, during a slow song, because they obviously were not even at the same show i was at, and all they'd really come to do was pump their arms in the air and jump up and down, and make googly eyes at the blonde girl, who'd come to pump her arms in the air and jump up and down. when a flying fist grazed my nose, i'd finally had enough. i took a swing, with my wrecking ball head, and cracked the guy full in the face.
ok, i didn't. i just stared like a deer in headlights at the retreating fist.
but anyways.
the point is that i am a lame old lady who actually goes to shows to appreciate the music, not to pump my arms in the air and jump up and down. and i wish everyone was lame like me.


Heinrique said...

For all you know, they were protecting you from invisible ninjas...
I don't think I can condone an all-out ban on moshing but certainly agree that a mother mother show is not the place.

elena aka suzy said...

yis, i suppose you're right jon. that brand new show would have been nothing without a little movement in the pit. but really: mother mother? hardcore dancing? mother mother? come on.

Anonymous said...

haha...I love that you're still going to their shows...you are a very loyal, faithful fan :)

elena aka suzy said...

:) yes i am.

F-I-L said...

As a relative newcomer to the mother mother "scene" I can now agree that they are in fact better live than on their albums. I can also claim to having a mosh pitter girl roughly three inches from me. She moved more than your mosh pitter girl or any other person there (I checked). Good times never-the-less.

Anonymous said...

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