Friday, November 6, 2009

armpit chocolate

i know this lady, who is my mom, who vacuums the house with a mini chocolate bar under her armpit [calm down, she leaves it in the wrapper]. she tucks it under there and just lets it melt as she works away. she says that the best reward after house work is a chocolate bar so melted that you have to lick the chocolate out of the wrapper.
true that.
anyways, it inspired today's work game. I came into some chocolate recently; another lady, who is not my mom, gave it to me. i put my little fire hazard space heater under my desk, and the chocolate bars on top of my desk, and let the hot, hot heat do it's melting thing. then i passed it out to my coworkers and jen, and we stuck the melted, gooey chocolate chunks to the roofs of our mouths and discussed molecular bonding and said such geek-associated phrases as, "will you go to the science fair with me?" and "my science fair project won first place."
note to self: try this game again later with peanut butter.

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