Monday, September 21, 2009

me the make-up artist

i got a black eye at work on friday.
dallas hit me in the face with a ball, so i, the quick thinker that i am, immediately made a big deal about it even though it didn't hurt at all and ran to the bathroom. i came to staff meeting later on with a very bruised and swollen-looking eye and cheek, due to the fact that i just so happen to live out of my car and therefore happened to have my make-up case handy for just such occasions as these. a little eyeliner goes a long way.
he felt pretty bad, i think. i helped him to. i prodded my "swollen" eye, which appeared to be glued shut, moaning, "my wedding is in one week..."
ben tried to make me feel better by saying that it was a nice black eye and that he wished he had a black eye like mine. i glared at him spitefully, saying that it was not a nice black eye, that it was going to ruin my wedding pictures.
later that day i washed it off and we all laughed together, happy that my wedding wasn't ruined and that i wasn't really actually that much of a cry-baby.
i love love love pulling people's legs. if i could find some job where someone just paid me to pull legs, literally or figuratively, i'd be there.

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