Monday, August 31, 2009

yogurt hippy

there is a little shop on 13th ave called the paper umbrella. today, i visited there and was greeted by a hippy with dredlocks who was eating his dinner off of his little orange mandolin. i browsed, and he finished his food, brushed the crumbs off his instrument, and strummed a few bars. after i felt i'd seen enough, i turned to go. at this, the hippy cried, "wait! don't go..."
i turned.
he held something out to me.
"you need to try this."
i made my skeptical/worried face combo.
he urged me, "no, seriously, it. is. amazing."
i can't remember exactly how you tell for sure that someone is high besides just looking at them and seeing if they look like they're high. but he looked high. that may or may not mean that he was.
i smiled politely; "what is it?"
"YOGURT! seriously. smell it."
he held it up. i awkwardly leaned forward and smelled the tub of yogurt.
it smelled like yogurt.
i said, "it smells..." i couldn't lie to this guy, high or not, "pretty...standard..."
offended, he stated, "it is not. it is amazing. it is better than anything else, EVER."
"ok," i said, "i'll have to try it sometime."
because i'm agreeable. that's why hippies think i'm cool.

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SJ said...

Hahaha. That is definitely why hippies think your cool. But I think your cool too, and I used to have dreads and make people smell my yogurt too.....

Angee... not sure why it says SJ.