Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i lov you even though you don't listen to me when i'm speaking at you

a conversation i had with my dear friend rachel the other day in crystal's bathroom while gettin gussied up for carmie's wedding:

me: rachie, can i borrow your toothpaste?
rachie: oh...sorry, i didn't bring any.
m: (looking at her toothpaste sticking out of her make-up bag) but...i just saw you using it...
r: no, i really didn't bring any. but crystal might have some.
m: (perplexed that rachie won't share her toothpaste with me) yeah, i couldn't find hers--
r: probably in the kitchen.
m: the kitchen? who keeps their toothpaste in the kitchen?
r: um, everybody.
m: toothpaste? in the kitchen?
r: yes. where else???
m: i keep mine in the bathroom.
r: what for?


r: wait. toothpaste?
m: yes. toothpaste.
r: oh. i thought you said toothpicks.


rachiedragon said...

i DO lov u and i WAS listening to you!... i probly had cotton in my ears. :) haha..

Mrs. Wilson said...

that is WAY too funny. ha!!

ps. am now catching up on your blog. am worst blog friend ever.

Anonymous said...

heehee...I like that this happened in my makes me feel like I was a part of it :)