Sunday, January 18, 2009

shakespeare & me

the thing i remember about shakespeare, was that he always had this one character that had this one tragic flaw, something about their character that caused their ultimate demise. unfortunately for all of us right now, i can't think of any examples, so if you don't already know what i'm talking about, i can't help you with that. you should have paid more attention in shakespeare class [me too].
i was thinking about this today, because i realized that we all probably have a tragic flaw. i have this one friend who always calls me suzy sloth fingers. he's a nice guy, but that is his tragic flaw. and it will cause his ultimate demise. another one of my friends sits beside me on the couch and talks loudly on the phone while i'm watching tv. again, wonderful person, ultimate demise. i don't think they read my blog.
today, i realized my tragic flaw. i have this new coat, you see, and it's bright blue, like a really neat color of blue. just fantastic blue. and it's this neat fabric, like none other that i own. and it only cost me 17 dollars and i bought it at giant tiger.
but, if you've talked to me in the past week at all, you already know that. that's my tragic flaw. if someone says, "nice coat", i can't help but tell them where i bought it and how much i paid for it, and then help them notice how neat it is and in what ways it is neat. so it is with all of my clothes. "nice shirt suzy" "thrift store, 75 cents!" "nice pants suzy" "regular 110 dollars, but i only paid 10!"
i hereby apologize, but probably won't quit.

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Mrs. Wilson said...

dude. I have the same problem. justifying? I dunno.