Wednesday, December 31, 2008

yelling suzy

embarrassing story (ahem):so i'm staying at my boyfriend's parents' house these past couple days, for Christmas, and sleeping in his little sister [julia]'s room with her. so last night, i woke up. and looked beside me--and there was barclay, sleeping soundly. and julia was gone. this perplexed me. i shook him. suddenly a thought dawned on me: what if julia or even worse, his MOM walked into the room and saw us sleeping together??? they would kick me out! on Christmas! dang. so i tried desperately to wake him up. "BARCLAY!" i scolded him, "YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE! what do you think you're DOING!? WHERE is JULIA!? what if she comes back before you get out of here? WHAT will your MOM think?" suddenly, his face began to change, and i realized that it was julia. that i had been half asleep, thinking julia was barclay, shaking the poor girl and yelling at her. i was so shocked that i didn't even think to lower my voice. i continued to yell at her, sort of comprehending what had happened but not completely. "JULIA? where did barclay go? you're....where did YOU come from?" suddenly, i was fully conscious. and realized how stupid i was. and turned over and went back to sleep.

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