Wednesday, December 17, 2008

another one of those you had to be there stories

this morning i was driving and flipping through the stupid radio stations. this is always a frustrating thing, except for at 1:00 in the afternoon on wednesdays, when one radio station plays good music for about an hour. unfortunately, though it was a wednesday, it was only 11:00. dang. today i turned to a station just in time to hear the announcer say, "and that was j.d. fortune with the tune from inxs' new cd..." and man, it took me back to a couple summers ago, when i was in this hospital in saskatoon waiting for a doctor to fix my friend, and this guy gets wheeled in on a stretcher. and he's waving to my little bleary-eyed group of 2 am emergency room waiters as though he's something special. and he's smiling as though he's happy to see us, soaking up all our vacant stares as though it were 1998 and we were a group of 13 year old girls and he was all the members of backstreet boys and nsync combined. and we thought maybe he was a mental patient, so a couple of us smiled back, sympathetically, but nobody waved. we didn't know if we should encourage him.
a little while later i found out "the rest of the story".
j.d. fortune was in town that night, playing a show with inxs...and they were rockin out for their fans. so hard, in fact, that good old j.d. fell off the stage. that's what they said, anyways. i kind of wonder if he tried a stage dive and the crowd parted and let him fall to the ground. either way, he had to be carried out on a stretcher. and we saw him later in the saskatoon university emergency room.
i gained some pearls of wisdom from this experience:
i think that if you're not in a very excellent band, you shouldn't stage dive. no one might catch you.

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