Friday, October 17, 2008


waking up is hard to do. last night was a rough night...i was woken up at 2:35 in the morning by alexisonfire screaming from my cd player. my first thought was, oh my goodness, someone broke into my house and is listening to my music... but even in the fogginess of my midnight mind, that didn't make any sense. so, i dont know. ghosts i guess. i lay there for like an hour waiting for the music to stop cuz i was too afraid to get out of bed and turn it off. wuss. then, for some reason, in my infinate wisdom, i set not only my alarm clock, but the alarm on my cell phone as well. so this morning i woke up to feur elise coming from my cell phone. then my alarm clock went off. i reached over to turn it off and go back to sleep, but for some reason after i turned it off it just kept going and going...then i heard a woman's voice beside my ear saying, "please hang up and try your call again." that scared the crap out of me. who the heck is in my room... oh. i guess i got up, grabbed the cordless phone, turned it on, even started to dial a phone number, and went back to sleep. then my cell phone started up again with the beethoven thing. when i finally became fully concious, i was lying in bed holding my alarm clock, my cell phone, and my cordless phone, frantically pushing buttons and telling the operator lady to shut up.

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Anonymous said...

oh dear! Rough night :)