Wednesday, August 13, 2008

good thing to know if i ever need a day off all i have to do is DIE

staples is a lamewad business for which i have no love in my heart. today i woke up sick. my tummy hurt, my head felt like it was full of little bombs that kept going off every time i moved, my brain didn't even get around to turning on. the flu....
first thought: "back to bed!"
minor problem: "work at staples!"
what to do?
call in sick!
so i did.
my manager. i explained my situation. he told me to come to work anyways.
i said, "if i throw up on a customer, can i go home?"
he said, "i'll see you in a bit"
so i went to work, almost died.
i need to go to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Stinkin Reg and Jen! The nerve of some people! You should work at Timmy Ho's...they don't ask questions when you call in sick...they just say, we'll see you tomorrow maybe! You don't even have to be sick, the only requirement is that you call in :)

Anonymous said...

That's just retarded. Ohhhh, the nerve of some people.

Anonymous said...

oh suz i'm sorry u had to fight to stay home when u were sick! i hope ur feeling better soon! lov u hun!
lov rachie