Friday, June 13, 2008

cheez whiz wallet

a man came into staples the other day to buy some computer paper. when i asked for the $6.29, he pulled out a cheez whiz jar full of cash. that can't possibly be convenient or safe or...anything, really. except wierd.
next in line was a woman with a little boy. this boy singlehandedly made me never want to have children. EVER. he saw the pens sitting by my register and grabbed one, attempting to shove it into his mouth. his mom intercepted it...and he burst into tears.
"I WANT TO EAT IT!!!!!!" his voice was higher, louder, and more irritating than celine dion's, if that's even possible.
his mom calmly explained to him that he couldn't eat it, because "it doesn't taste good." [moms really do know EVERYTHING!] which made him really angry.
pretty sure if i ever find out i'm pregnant, i'm going to think back on this day and cry a little.


rachiedragon said...

suzi.. i think that if u ever get over this traumatizing experience and decide to have children, u'd make a very cute pregnant lady. also. cheez whiz man made me laugh out loudly.

Anonymous said...

A cheeze whiz jar? That's nothing short of peculiar. You must've had a hard time not laughing.