Monday, May 26, 2008

staples is not a grocery store

today was my first day at staples home depot.
i learned, first thing, how to get my float from the office and log into my cash register. i learned, second thing, that people are irrational, rude, cranky, impatient, and self-centered. and, dare i add, not so bright.
my first customer plopped a tub of dried apricots on the counter and scowled at me. "THESE are not fresh!" she snapped. "They are dry!"
me and my fellow cashier looked at each other, and then at the tub, which had "dried apricots" printed clearly across the top.
"yeah...they are dry...they say so right there--"
"THEY ARE SO DRY. they are not fresh. i like fresh fruit. i cannot eat them."
her face was almost inside out, she was frowning so hard.
i didnt even know staples sold dried apricots. what is staples thinking, selling dried apricots? who goes to staples to buy dried apricots? when i get the urge to have paper, i go to staples. when i get the urge to have dried apricots, hypothetically speaking, i go to the real canadian wholesale club. and if you wanted FRESH fruit, WHY WOULD YOU GO TO STAPLES?
the other cashier just gave the lady her money back.
kudos to staples for giving a lady her money back because her dried apricots were dry.
un-kudos to the lady for wanting her money back because her dried apricots were dry.

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