Saturday, May 3, 2008

angry people are so annoying

a story:
i was tired. i zoned out. my eyes started to wander around the room, all by themselves. i was thinking about a million things, but can't remember even one of them now. then there was this girl, and she was ripped off. at me. my wandering eyes must have made her angry. how dare i look at her for even a tenth of a nano millisecond? she took a step closer and held up her hands like she was rapping, flinging them at me with the words, "DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME??!?" i didn't have a problem with her. how could i? i had no idea who the heck she was. in hindsight, i realize i should have--just for interest's sake--said, "yes, i do have a problem with you." because i am sure she would have hit me then. and this story would have been much better. as it is, i just got scared and ran away. she was bigger than me. and had a very angry face.

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Breezy said...

I am pretty sure I was with you during this episode. I am bored at work today...that is why I am reading random friends older blogs :)