Sunday, April 27, 2008

there's no such thing as a good "bye"

i slept in a car last night. and in a chair sitting up the night before that. i havn't actually slept in a real bed since december. on tuesday night, april 29th, i get to sleep in a real bed. that's a decently happy thought. but before that i just have to say goodbye to everybody here, a kind of sad thought. it's all i've been doing these past couple weeks, saying goodbye to people. "see you later," "i'll visit," "we'll always have facebook," and the ever popular, "well...i hate goodbyes. later."

i guess what i'm trying to say is, i'd rather not say goodbye than sleep in a bed. thats all.

that and, wouldn't it be cool if i had my own private community where i could keep all my friends under lock and key, so i'd never have to say goodbye again. and when i get sick of them, i could just go on vacation.

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