Tuesday, February 22, 2011

yesterday was a day for trying something new, and today is a day for something else

i'm scouring youtube trying to find a song i heard at a show once. it kind of feels like i'm not going to be successful. i don't even remember any of the words or what it kind of sounds like, i just remember that i heard it the night that said the whale opened for mother mother and have ever since wanted to listen to it again.

someone called me at 3 am last night. if it was you, i'd ask, first, why? what could you possibly need to talk about at 3 in the morning? unless you were dying. if you were dying, i'm sorry for not answering the phone and hope you are feeling better this morning. look! the sun is out!

yesterday, i sat myself down and made a thing to pin on my purse. i think it's pretty, but tacky, too, though. lately, i have a high tolerance for tacky things.

for instance:
this weekend i was shopping with my friends and karz said, "ew, look at that shirt; it's sOOOooooooo gross!" and i was like, "no way hose," and i bought it. some of the way home i wondered if i should have pretended i thought it was gross too.

it's too late now. i guess i'm going to be one of those ladies. that's ok.


here is my tacky purse pin thing.

as i pushed publish, i found the song i was looking for. i listened to 21 songs before finding it, but it is so found.

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