Saturday, February 5, 2011

the fastest do it yourownself EVER: bottlecap fridge magnets

ready? {get some cool bottle caps and some magnets and a glue gun}

set [glue the magnets to the underside of the bottlecaps]

GO! (oh wait. you're already done. put them on the fridge--that's all.)


Mrs. Indecisive said...

fabulous! You could make money! Start a website. I'd love some Blue Moon please!

Jamie Walker said...

Ok I really want to make these, they are so fun! My fridge is covered in pictures, and I've run out of magnets to hang anymore!

Hannah-Leanne said...

I did this once with those flat marble things. Yours are obviously cooler.

Amylou said...

Cute! Love Boylan soda!

Chess said...

Those look great! You know those calendar or contact info magnets that companies send out to put on your fridge? I like to cut those into strips and glue them to favorite photos and put them on my fridge instead!!

Carla said...

Ooo, I like this.
I better never tell my brother about this or he might drink Miller Lites to death all in the

Mrs. Wilson said...

They're awesome!! I may have to get some beer (or something) so I can make some.

suzy said...

mrs. indecisive: hahah, making bottlecap magnets. :D but i'd have to charge a lot to make it worthwhile. sigh.

jamie w.: do it! let me know if you do so i can feel like i'm making a difference in this world. (haha)

hannah: nice. i think i'm going to buy some cool buttons next and do that.

amylou: so does barclay. [that's why we have so
many bottlecaps.]

chess: ooohhhh, such a good idea.

carla: hahaha, we'll keep it hush hush then.

mrs. wilson: you should. these are from boylan's soda--they're all such cute colours. i love them. :D