Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dear blogger: i am all frustrated

before i write this, i think i need a piece of toast to go with my mug of hot chocolate. hang on.

ok. i'm on the way to having a piece of toast. toasting...toasting...

{and isn't it nice that reading this will take a fraction of the time it took to write it?}

and we begin:

dear blogger: i am all frustrated {as i said before}

i am frustrated because for some reason my feed is still not being published to a lot of subscriber's feeds. that's obnoxious. what's the point of writing a blog {as opposed to a journal} if no one can read it? i am considering switching to wordpress or something. does anyone know anything about that, or about feedburner? would that fix my problem?

i switched to disqus for comments because with the typical blogger comment box, some of the comments weren't getting published and it was hurting people's feelings {sorry}. now any comments people left prior to the switch are gone, which is also sad.

i'm not trying to be a mopey margaret, i'm just lamenting and eating toast.

while i'm doing that, i have a quick question:
what is the deal with sponsors? i'm not saying, rudely, "what is the deal!?" i mean, like, seriously, what do they do? why does everyone have them? because, for real, everyone has them lately. what up.

....can i have one?

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