Tuesday, January 25, 2011

weather report (link up)

the weather report from saskatchewan, canada: there is a bunch of snow, and i'm listening to simon and garfunkel, so you know it's cloudy out. 

i went out and tried sitting on a bench for a bit.
an unsuccessful endeavour. 
over to you, wherever you are. 
california? south korea? scotland? hawaii?


Brandi said...

Stay warm, I'll try and send some of the California sunshine your way!

Gale said...

oooh brrr looks cold there! my friend is actually on his way there now for a business trip. he was telling us it will get to -40. is it true?? nuts!

amylou said...

haha! Love that photo!

It snowed here overnight but started melting before the sun even came up!

Chess said...

Northern Utah. We've got heaps of snow too.

Steven Cain said...

"I'm listening to Simon and Garfunkel, so you know it's cloudy out"... Suzy! That is genius!

kelly ann said...

it was 68 and sunny here in beautiful orange county! :)

nova said...

Victoria B.C. I know it's nice out here because I'm from Alberta and understand what the word "winter" means, but ask anyone from this island, you'd think it was the next ice age.

P.S. It snowed once in November and melted in three days.

It is very rainy and grey though, which can be unpleasant.

la petite lydia said...

That photo is funny. I like it.

suzy said...

brandi: i think some of your california sunshine made its way up here! today was nice enough to go for a walk! :D

gale: oh it's true. it gets pretty nasty up here.

amylou: aw! i'm sad for you. :( you should seriously bring a dumptruck up and take some snow home.

chess: heaps eh? good for crazy carpeting!

steven: really? haha sweet.

kelly ann: we should trade lives for a day. that would be aces.

nova: haha, i'm so happy you can actually appreciate what i mean when i say "winter".

lydia: thanks. :D

anna p of just me. said...

so, i accidently didn't put the weather in on the linky! i was waiting for it to tell me to put it in, but it never did.

i promise i'm not just trying to promote my blog. haha.

anyway, its 70 degrees and sunny here. dress and sandal weather for sure. sending warm thoughts your way!!

suzy said...

anna: hahahaha, it's ok, this linky tool is new to me too and confused me quite a bit putting it on. i'm so bad at blogthings. but getting better? i think? :)

elysecanfield said...