Monday, January 31, 2011

take your wife to work day

it might have been Take Your Wife to Work Day, or maybe barclay just can't live without me.
either way, i went to work with him today and it was fantastic. he got out his toolbox and did his thing and i perched on another toolbox and went to work painting my toenails. then i knitted a scarf. but not a whole scarf, though. and then i texted people and took pictures with my cell phone, and all the while barclay and i discussed the most important topic: what to make for supper.
pizza, we decided.

so we went to the grocery store and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT the whole entire dairy section was gone.
that was weird.

and then i got home and discovered i'd put my socks and boots on too soon after painting my nails, and my toes are now adhered to my socks.

all in all, a pretty good monday. 


Jess said...

hilarious post! :D

Lisa said...

super cute!!!!


amylou said...

Same thing happened here! People were freaking out at the grocery store!

Carla said...

Ever paint your toes and run through the sand?
It doesn't stick on for long:(

suzy said...

jess & lisa: :D

amylou: what the heck!? international dairy thief...?

carla: haha, no i haven't. we don't have sand here. just gravel and snow. pft. :)

Jen Glen said...

I didn't know he worked inside too sometimes!

suzy said...

jen: yep! he's doing renovations AND snow clearing this winter. craziness. he's a busy busy man.