Thursday, December 23, 2010

spastic Christmas thoughts

it's almost here; it's the 23rd. the 23rd is two days from the 25th. there is a 24 in there somewhere, but it always goes by so fast that i don't think i've ever lived it before.

i've been busy.

i have almost half of my Christmas presents done. i'm kicking barclay out of the house tonight so i can wrap his and "finish" one of them.

presents are stressful. i just want to make everyone mix tapes and i want that to be enough. [i would be ok if that was all i ever got.]

i web logged here today. [or my alter-ego did. the one who is a lazy bum.] carla is great, and i think you should check out her shop too. it's magnificent.

i made cookies at 11 o'clock at night the other night. they tasted awful. i put too much salt in them. and then i got all weepy and sobby and mad. barclay said he would eat them anyway, because he is the best guy God ever made.

i'm wearing the same thing as i wore yesterday, and i haven't showered since tuesday. i'm disgusting.
my friend kiersten sprained her ankle, because canada is unhealthily icy right now. go tell her you hope she feels better.

i just found out that i will be spending a large chunk of my Christmas eve with a 5 month old donkey.
quick poll: are you somewhere warm for Christmas?

quick poll: are you one of those teenage girls who goes and gets her picture taken with santa at the mall and can't stop giggling the whole time?

i'm pretty pumped about the donkey thing.


The Lilac Rabbit said...

Donkeys are so cute. That sounds fun. I am not somewhere warm. In fact, I think it will snow later today or tonight. I am not a teenage girl. I have kids of my own, but I don't do the whole "Santa" thing. I think it's pretty mean to put kids in Santa's lap and take a picture even when they're screaming and obviously frightened.

Shelley said...

Hi Suzy - I'm somewhere warm for Christmas (at least, it's supposed to be warm - might well be once the rain disappears!). I'm in Queensland Australia and we're supposed to be in summer but the weather is whack this year and we missed spring, have only had about 5 hot days since November and LOADS of rain :( I'm counting on Christmas Day to be hot - I have a new summer dress to wear!
Merry Christmas!!!
PS I'm not whinge-ing about the rain - we have been in drought for about 10 years and any rain is welcome!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE DONKEYS!!!! They're so frickin cute! And yes, I did get my picture taken with santa when I was a teenager (and I probably giggled the whole time...I don't remember). Actually, i got my picture taken with santa when I was a 20 somthing-ish person :) Please don't judge me! Sigh, Have an EXTREMELY Merry Christmas!

Ashlee said...

I am just as spastic today. Enjoy your donkey, and your Christmas!

suzy said...

lilac rabbit: hahaha, i agree--i have a wonderful picture of my sister screaming in santa's face. and one of her meeting the crash test dummies and screaming in their faces too. poor kid...

shelley: oohhhhh lucky! i'd love to be in australia right now. Merry [belated] Christmas to you too! :)

crystal: hahaha i won't judge you. i can absolutely picture you doing that though. and justin epp standing by shaking his head. ahhh i love you.

ashlee: why thanks! i hope you enjoyed your Christmas too. :)